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App Star Sweepstakes

3rd Thursday Each Month

Drawing at 4 PM

Win up to $200 in Free Play every 3rd Thursday of the month!
App users who are signed in using their player ID and have their push notifications and location turned on will qualify to win without being present. Two winners will be chosen for $100 free play each at 7pm. Be present during the drawing and win an additional $100 free play

Players must meet all three criteria (logged in, push notifications on always, and location enabled) prior to 11am on the 3rd Monday of the month to qualify

More Winners

Craig S. won $20,000 Sunday, June 6th
Ryan C. won $24,180 Sunday, June 6th
Keenan K. won $19,038 Wednesday, June 2nd
Brenda J. won $26,277 Saturday, May 29th
Tony T. won $15,040 Saturday, May 29th
Traci T. won $15,040 Saturday, May 29th