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All Seniors 50+ Swipe at The Kiosk To Play After Earning 10 Points.

Open Road Kiosk Game

Sundays in April

8 AM - Midnight

Players 50 years and older earn 10 points and swipe their card at the kiosks to play the Cruising kiosk game. Players select a biker to win free play! Promotion runs from 8:00 am to midnight. Seniors can play once per Sunday.

Players will win 1 of the following prizes on the kiosk: $5 free play, $7.77 free play, $10 free play, $15 free play, or $20 free play.

More Winners

Janet P. won $10,666 Saturday, April 13th
Norma H. won $13,581 Thursday, April 11th
Spencer C. won $12,791 Wednesday, April 10th
Esie C. won $19,557 Saturday, April 6th
Robert G. won $19,557 Saturday, April 6th
Stacey S. won $21,634 Saturday, April 6th