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Naughty or Nice

Wednesdays in December

8 AM - Midnight

Players that earn 10 points are eligible to swipe at the kiosk to play the Naughty or Nice kiosk game. Players can start earning points at 4:00 am to be eligible. Promotion runs from 8:00 am – midnight.

Players that swipe at the kiosk will win $10 in Free Play if they are ‘Naughty’ or $20 in Free Play if they are ‘Nice.

More Winners

Margarita won $13,131 Saturday, December 1st
Kathy K. won $11,436 Wednesday, November 28th
Sandra W. won $17,453 Tuesday, November 27th
Julie H. won $16,884 Sunday, November 25th
Diane M won $16,698 Friday, November 23rd
Vivian S. won $14,484 Tuesday, November 20th