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Santa's List

Tuesdays in December (December 31st excluded)

8 AM - Midnight

Were you naughty or nice? Earn 50 points and swipe at the kiosk to find out!
Star Club members 50 years and older that earn 50 points can swipe at the kiosk from 8:00 am to midnight to see if they were “naughty” or “nice.” Players swipe at the kiosk and select the Santa’s List promotion. Players will win $10 in free play if they are “Naughty” or $20 in free play if they are “Nice.” Limit one game on the kiosk per player.

More Winners

Scott M. won $20,001 Sunday, December 8th
Darlene J. won $17,935 Saturday, December 7th
Paul G. won $41,964 Wednesday, December 4th
Dale S. won $14,124 Thursday, November 28th
Richard P. won $14,124 Thursday, November 28th
Brian T. won $20,000 Tuesday, November 26th