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Santa's Stocking Stash

Fridays in December

Noon - 8 PM

Players that earn 25 points (starting at 4:00 am) are eligible for Hot Seat drawings to win cash. Drawings will be every hour from Noon – 8:00 pm, nine winners per Friday. Cash prize amounts are: $100, $200, $300, $400 and $500. Cash prize amounts (enclosed in sealed envelopes) will be randomly inserted into the stockings each week.

Twelve stockings will be on display for winners to select from each week; three extra stockings will be displayed for picking. Stockings will have an envelope inside listing the cash amount won.

Star Club Host will escort the winner to the mantel, located int the rotunda. Each Hot Seat winner will select a stocking from the mantel. Host will open the envelope to discover the amount of cash the player wins and will print out a cash voucher. The player will redeem the voucher at the cashier.

More Winners

Fredrick H. won $18,205 Friday, February 8th
Sean M. won $11,100 Wednesday, February 6th
Eric B. won $10,829 Monday, February 4th
Everardo R. won $17,416 Saturday, February 2nd
Sean M. won $8,145 Saturday, February 2nd
Daniel J. won $10,200 Wednesday, January 30th