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Entries Earned Every Day

Drawing on December 20th

Table Game Players earn entries from December 1st at 10:00 am until 7:59 pm on Thursday, December 20th.
Table Games players earn entries every day into the barrel drawing to win a present from under the Christmas tree. Each present will have a card inside the box identifying the electronic prize.
Prizes to be won are the following and will be displayed in the pit:
iPad mini, Fire HD Tablet, Samsung TV, Toshiba TV, Fitbit Charge 3 smart watch, X-Box

Six names will be picked at 8:00 pm. Each winner, in the order they were selected, will select a wrapped present from under the Christmas Tree. Player will unwrap the gift to find out their prize.

Every day until one minute before the drawing, players earn one ticket at the table games for the following:

• BLACKJACK: Get a suited Diamonds hand totaling 20, 21, or blackjack,
o Wager $25 or more and get three entry tickets for the above combo.
• 3-CARD POKER, L-I-R, OR UTH: Any suited Diamonds bonus payoff.
• CRAPS: Any $5 red chip prop bet payoff.
• ROULETTE: Straight up, split, or corner payoff on the number 18.

More Winners

Fredrick H. won $18,205 Friday, February 8th
Sean M. won $11,100 Wednesday, February 6th
Eric B. won $10,829 Monday, February 4th
Everardo R. won $17,416 Saturday, February 2nd
Sean M. won $8,145 Saturday, February 2nd
Daniel J. won $10,200 Wednesday, January 30th