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Pick a Fortune Cookie to win Free Play, Points or an 8X Point Multiplier!

Chinese New Year

February 5th to 11th

8 AM -Midnight

Star Club members that earn 25 points are eligible to swipe at the kiosk to play the Chinese New Year game, pick a Fortune Cookie, and win free play or points every day from Tuesday, February 5th – Monday, February 11th (7 days total). Game is available to play from 8:00 am until midnight. Players can earn 25 points starting at 4:00 am.

Players will swipe at the kiosk, select the Chinese New Year promotion, and play the bonus game. Players can participate once per day during the 7-day Chinese New Year promotion.

Customers will win one of the following prizes: $5 free play, $8 free play, $18 free play, 888 points, 1888 points, or 8x point multiplier. Free play and points will download automatically to customers account. 8x point multiplier will apply to the players points they earned for the entire gaming day (4am – 3:59 am), but bonus points will not be added to account until the next day.

More Winners

Fredrick H. won $18,205 Friday, February 8th
Sean M. won $11,100 Wednesday, February 6th
Eric B. won $10,829 Monday, February 4th
Everardo R. won $17,416 Saturday, February 2nd
Sean M. won $8,145 Saturday, February 2nd
Daniel J. won $10,200 Wednesday, January 30th