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Ready, Set, Snow! Kiosk Game

Thursdays in January

8 AM - 6 PM

Players who earn 25 points on their players card can swipe at the Kiosk and play the kiosk game Ready, Set, Snow!
Players can win one of the following prizes on the kiosk: $5 free play, $7.77 free play, $10 free play, $15 free play, $20 Free Play, or $100 Free Play.

More Winners

Brandon N. won $15,651 Wednesday, January 8th
Debra B. won $11,812 Tuesday, January 7th
Roberta B. won $20,724 Monday, January 6th
Ryan B. won $24,379 Friday, January 3rd
Brandon N. won $12,132 Thursday, January 2nd
Alan H. won $15,000 Tuesday, December 31st