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Winning Wonderland

Mondays in January

8 AM - 12 AM

Players that earn 25 points are eligible to swipe at the kiosk to play the Winning Wonderland kiosk game. Players can start earning points at 4:00 am to be eligible. Promotion runs from 8:00 am – midnight.

Players will select a snowflake off the kiosk to win one of the following prizes: $5 free play, $10 free play, $20 free play, $100 free play, 777 points or 1,000 points.

More Winners

Dennis S. won $40,008 Friday, January 18th
Daniel F. won $10,703 Thursday, January 17th
Brandon N. won $11,480 Wednesday, January 16th
Gary K. won $13,064 Saturday, January 12th
Christopher K. won $13,228 Friday, January 11th
Lynn N. won $15,000 Friday, January 11th