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Table Games - Big Game TV

Entries Earned Daily

Drawing Each Thursday at 8 PM

Table Game Players earn entries from August 1 at 10:00 am until 7:59 pm on September 26th. One winner will be chosen at 8:00 pm on Thursday, September 26th to win a Samsung 65" 4K Smart TV, $200 in cash or $100 in NCV Chips.

Entries are earned for the following:

BLACKJACK: Get a suited CLUBS hand totaling 20, 21, or blackjack, Wager $25 or more and get three entry tickets.
3-CARD POKER, L-I-R, OR UTH: Any suited CLUBS bonus payoff.
CRAPS: Any $5 red chip prop bet payoff.
ROULETTE: Straight up, split, or corner payoff on the number 19.

More Winners

Antoinette T. won $20,021 Saturday, September 14th
Scott Z. won $12,000 Saturday, September 14th
Thomas R. won $10,500 Wednesday, September 11th
John H. won $9,366 Saturday, September 7th
Daniel L. won $10,500 Friday, September 6th
Robert W. won $12,000 Friday, September 6th