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Tonia Jo Hall
Friday, August 9th
10:30 PM


I am Lakota, Dakota, and Hidatsa. It is important for me to teach my daughters their identity and learning the language is a key component in that. I have danced jingle ever since I could walk and to this day I travel across Indian country, from powwow to powwow. From a powwow baby to powwow addict.

I am drug and alcohol free. My parents raised me to learn from their mistakes of using alcohol to self-medicate. They parented me through conversation about the unhealthy decisions they made, teaching me to make better choices. I love my parents, Anita Manywounds and the late Bruce Hall. Their love and faith in me was so strong that they allowed me to make my own choices in life. I chose to be drug and alcohol free for my children. It's always your choice to become who you want to be, and there is always the opportunity for you to make the choices to be a better person.

I began making YouTube videos in 2010. I continue to make new content that relates to our Native American people. In 2011 I made the decision to pursue standup comedy. I am grateful I am able to spread happiness to others, this is what gives me joy, and this is what inspires me to continue to chase this dream.

I love being Native American and I believe that we all should be proud of who we are as Native people. This is why I make YouTube videos. It allows me to reach out to my people, to teach them to smile, think positively, and spread laughter.


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