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Get your daubers ready — you're in for a real treat! With exciting bingo sessions AND a progressive jackpot, don’t miss your chance to win big in the Bingo Hall.


June 2018 Bingo Events

Check out our Bingo Calendar to see what's happening this month (June calendar up!)

Senior Sundays

Seniors 50+ receive $5 off their Buy-in.

Wacky Wednesdays

Buy 1 paper pack at any level and receive one same level paper pack FREE.
BINGO on an N, any regular game, Payout $500, whatever level.

Match Your Receipt

June 10th, 17th, 2 winners will be picked from the drawing barrel to receive “Match Your Receipt” up to $125. Expires June 30th

Father’s Day

June 17th, all fathers receive $5 off buy-in. EVERYONE who buys-in receives a free meal!

Summer Solstice

June 22nd, extra payout for $300. Sheet sold for $2.

Starts June 22nd, 3rd Friday each month after

DJ Entertainment
Sales: 9:20 PM | Games Begin: 10 PM | Packs: $20
Come to Club Bingo and bring your receipt back on Monday and receive $10 off Buy-in. Receipt only valid for the Monday after Club.
Buy-in for $20 with 3 free drink tickets included with pack. After customer uses drink tickets beer will cost $1.00. Get a Bingo and the table where you are sitting (one table holds 6 people) gets a shot.



Doors open 12 PM
Early Birds 1:30 PM
Regular Session 2 PM

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Doors Open 4 PM
Early Birds 5:30 PM
Regular Session 6 PM

Bingo Bonanza

Bingo in 52#'s or less for $5,000

Play on your birthday!

Is it your birthday month? Come in any day during the month of your birthday, and you’ll receive $10 towards your bingo purchase!

That’s not all — one session every month is dedicated to those celebrating birthdays. Each guest celebrating their birthday that month will receive a FREE level one entry pack, a dauber, and an entry ticket for drawings.

Remember to pick up your birthday certificate at the Payout Window at any time of the month to get your Bingo Birthday bonuses on the last Friday of the month!

Friday, June 29th — June Birthdays Celebrated

Progressive Jackpots for 06/22/2018

  • Big Diamond: $675
  • Cloverleaf: $825
  • Letter M: $1500
  • Turtle: $10,700
  • Lucky 7: $1300
  • Hot Number: $478
  • Bullseye Bonus: $2072
  • Double Take: $101

$5 Packs
$25 Machines
$125 Payouts

$10 Packs
$30 Machines
$125 Payouts
$5 Extra Packs

$5/ $10/ $15 Packs
$15/ $30/ $45 Machines
$50/ $125/ $250 Payouts

$5/ $10/ $15 Packs
$15/ $30/ $45 Machines
$75/ $150/ $275 Payouts

No Bingo

No Bingo

No Bingo

More Winners

Diane S. won $9,720 Saturday, June 16th
David K. won $24,000 Friday, June 15th
Alan H. won $10,000 Thursday, June 14th
Steven H. won $11,446 Thursday, June 14th
Cheryl K. won $13,765 Wednesday, June 13th
Jeffery R. won $15,146 Wednesday, June 13th