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FAQ Regarding COVID-19 Casino Resort Closure

Customer FAQ

A statement was released regarding the temporary closure of North Star Mohican Casino Resort on March 17th, 2020. The temporary closure will be effective on March 20th at 11:59pm.
Additional updates can be found on our website via the
Below are standard responses relating to any guest questions or concerns relating to North Star Mohican Casino Resort as of April 1st, 2020 at 4:00PM.

General Health & Safety

What are our current and future health and safety initiatives?

  • All current health and safety efforts are still active. Upon temporary closure, we will be implementing deep cleaning procedures in all casino resort areas.

When will we reopen?

  • The tentative reopening date is after April 24th, 2020.


Entertainment & Events

What events or entertainment are postponed?

  • Black Label Society, Michael Bolton, and Jeff Foxworthy are all postponed at this time. Rescheduled dates are as follows:
    ° Black Label Society: August 14, 2020
    ° Michael Bolton: August 28, 2020
    ° Jeff Foxworthy: October 2, 2020

  • All entertainment on the floor, The Groove, and The Galaxy Lounge has been cancelled effective immediately through at least April 24th.

  • All tickets will be honored on future event dates.

How do I receive refunds?

  • Customers can receive refunds if they ordered online through or by calling Star Tickets. Tickets that were purchased through North Star Mohican Casino Resort at the Star Club can be refunded in person upon our reopening.

When will events be rescheduled?

  • Rescheduled event dates are available throughout our website on the entertainment page and on social media pages.
    Additional questions can be directed to Marie at or 715-787-2536



How do I cancel reservations?

  • To cancel reservation please call 1-715-787-3110 and press option #5. As a courtesy, all reservations from March 21st through April 24th will be automatically cancelled. If you have a hotel room booked after April 24th, including stays on show nights, we ask that you call and reschedule or cancel.

Will my same hotel rate be honored if I book following reopen?

  • Variable rate applies based on availability and occupancy. Rates will be determined upon reopening date.


Food & Beverage

What outlets will be closed?

  • All food and drink outlets will be closed effective March 21st.
  • All buffets are discontinued EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY and plated menu items will be served.

Will you still offer catering services?

  • All catering services will be suspended until we reopen.


Gaming (Slots, Table Games, & Bingo)

Will ticket vouchers be valid when we reopen?

  • Ticket vouchers expiring between March 21st and the reopening date will need to be brought to the cage cashier to be redeemed.

Table Games

  • All table games are closed effective on March 18th at 2am.


  • All bingo sessions are closed effective March 18th.


Star Club

Are bus programs still running?

  • All bus programs are discontinued as of Tuesday, March 17th until further notice.

What will happen to current Star Gazer/mailer offers?

  • Your unused mailer offers will expire as normal. You will receive your upcoming offers soon, and they will be valid as stated on the coupons once we reopen.
  • March birthday mailers will be analyzed on a case by case basis. April birthday mailers will be pushed to May with a full month to be used.

Will my offers drop because I can’t play during the closure?

  • No, the closure will not affect your future mailings. Your offers are based only on play you have while using your Star Club card.

Will the closure affect my tier level?

  • No, the tier level will be re-evaluated after June 30th and special considerations will be made for those who are close to upgrading or maintaining tier level.

Will I receive my mailers late?

  • The temporary closure will not change mailing dates. Delays or closures within the United States Postal Service could have an impact, but we have not been notified of anything at this time. If you are concerned, please contact your local Post Office.

I want to change/update my mailing address

  • These matters can be handled by emailing your information to our Database Marketing Manager at



What happens to free gifts for March/April?

  • Qualifying players who receive free gifts during the month of March can receive the week 3 gift (casserole pan) and week 4 gift (two piece grids) the week of April 26th. The specific giveaway dates that week will be the following: Sunday April 26th, Monday April 27th or Wednesday April 29th.
  • The April Garden Tool set will be moved to May. Qualifying players who received the offer will be eligible to pick up the gifts on the following dates on Sundays, Mondays, or Wednesdays of each week:
    • Week 1: May 3rd, May 4th, or May 6th
    • Week 2: May 10th, May 11th, or May 13th
    • Week 3: May 17th, May 18th, or May 20th
    • Week 4: May 24th, May 25th, or May 27th

When will March drawings be held?

  • The John Deere Utility Tractor drawing (scheduled for March 28th) will be held on the tentative date of May 2nd at 8pm. Players will be allowed an extra 7-day period upon re-opening to earn entries for the current March drawing. The drawing in question can be found here: .

What will happen to our entries?

  • Current entries for drawings will be held until the time of the rescheduled drawing.
    *All promotional dates are tentative and subject to change


VIP/Player Development

How will the temporary closure affect my point accumulation?

  • Please contact your host. Accounts will be frozen effective March 20th, 2020 and appropriate staff will analyze point accumulation on a case by case basis.

Will the temporary closure affect my tier status?

  • No, player development and management will analyze on a case by case basis. Please contact your host.

Am I able to contact my host during the temporary closure?

  • All host contacts will be available online following the temporary closure. Players can contact their hosts as normal until March 20th, 2020.

Have VIP events been cancelled or postponed?

  • Yes, all VIP events on-site and off-site for March and April have been postponed. Rescheduled dates will be communicated once determined.


Sponsorship & Donations

Will my stay and play package or Free Play won at events, etc. expire?

  • We will honor all stay and play packages and free play that was received through a donation or sponsorship for an extended 90 days past expiration date as of March 21st. All packages that expire prior to March 21st will not be honored with the 90-day extension.

Will I still receive a response for my sponsorship or donation request?

  • All sponsorship or donation requests will be answered upon reopening. This is subject to change if appropriate staffing is available.

Will I still receive my Win/Loss Statement upon request?

  • We will continue to process Win/Loss statements and send out. This process may take a little longer due to shut down.

More Winners

Terry T. won $10,742 Sunday, March 15th
Vicki P. won $13,932 Sunday, March 15th
Brandon N. won $11,990 Wednesday, March 11th
Randy P. won $10,378 Friday, March 6th
Leslie K. won $11,107 Wednesday, March 4th
Lisa K. won $13,404 Tuesday, March 3rd