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Going Green 2017

The term “going green” is a very broad spectrum of actions and thoughts with regards to commercial business operations. Our processes here at the casino resort have primarily focused on implementing “green practices” which is a term that means reducing the environmental impact of an organization without negatively impacting the organization’s financial bottom line.

The follow are just the highlights of our internal green practices over the prior 8 years of operation:

• We have reduced our consumption of water by roughly 35 - 40% since moving into the building (2008).
As a result, we are not only saving ground water, we are reducing expenses as we purchase water from a municipal utility source. Subsequently less water used also translates into less sewer discharge to the municipality’s sewer treatment plant and ultimately less discharge into the environment.

• We have reduced our electrical emergency consumption by roughly 20% since 2008 and continue to reduce consumption by roughly a 1-2% annually.
To date this has translated into approximately $360,000.00 in annual savings and such energy savings continue to grow as our energy conservation efforts continue in direct correlation with our preventative and repair maintenance strategies.

• We sell our recycled paper after its been shredded and bailed along with our cardboard to a 3rd party who then uses such recyclable materials to create additional paper based products.
As a result, we make a little money off such recyclable materials but more importantly we reduce our cost in garbage fees as we are charged by volume and weight.

• We utilize O2 and peroxide-based cleaning chemicals / products.
In addition to being environmentally friendly, are more adaptable to a wide-range of cleaning needs, less corrosive and abrasive to surfaces, and reduce our liability with regards to storing harsh and or toxic cleaning chemicals on property. Also, because O2 and peroxide are very adaptable cleaning and disinfectant agents we create savings in the form of mixing our cleaning solution needs on property and utilize re-usable containers (spray bottles) there by reducing purchasing expenses and keeping more plastic containers and aerosol charged containers out of area landfills.

• We utilize corn-starch based garbage bags throughout the property for garbage removal.
In doing so the garbage bags that we do send to area landfills use less plastic and start to degrade on average 25-50% faster than those garbage bags made completely of plastic, extending the useful life of current landfills by increasing their composting abilities.

• We sell all of our used cooking oil to a 3rd party who comes to the casino resort, collects the used cooking oil, pays the casino resort for the used cooking oil and eventually refines the used cooking oil into bio-diesel.
This emits less pollution than petroleum based diesel and reduces our dependency on foreign sources for petroleum based products.

Sincerely ,
Larry Beilke, Eviromental Services Manager.

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Charles B. won $20,000 Sunday, October 17th
Jack Z. won $15,152 Monday, October 11th
Leroy K. won $21,259 Monday, October 11th
Carol G. won $12,240 Sunday, October 10th
David W. won $9,834 Monday, October 4th
Thomas T. won $13,500 Monday, October 4th
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