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North Star Health and Safety Efforts

“Where The Stars Align” is more than just a tagline. Together, we are working on more than aligning the stars, we are taking important steps to align and protect the health and safety of you, our community, and our team members.
With guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and under the direction of established food safety protocols, North Star Mohican Casino Resort is working to ensure all actions follow and exceed recommended practices so you can enjoy our amenities in confidence.


Our amenities are cleaned and sanitized to the highest possible standard

  • North Star Mohican Casino Resort will be closed from 3:00am to 7:00am to perform deep cleaning and sanitation with the use of the highest quality disinfectant and atomizer machine.
  • Hotel rooms will be vacant for 24 hours between new occupancy, ensuring rooms can be deep cleaned and sanitized properly including all linens being washed using chlorine.
  • All touch surfaces within the hotel, gaming floor, gift shop, event center and meeting spaces, and food and beverage outlets are sanitized and disinfected thoroughly during every cleaning and at an increased schedule.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available by the hotel front desk, star club, elevators, throughout the gaming floor, and within the parameters of all food and drink outlets.


We are limiting personal contact and encouraging social distancing practices to provide a safe environment

  • All buffets are discontinued until further notice and food will be served using disposable table war and utensils or in to-go containers.
  • All beverage stations are closed to limit touch surface contact.
  • All tables and chairs are to be spaced out as needed to encourage social distancing.
  • Condiments in food outlets (straws, sugar, etc.) will be provided per request to minimize contact.
  • All employees will be required to wear masks, gloves, and washed uniforms.
  • Protective acrylic panels are installed throughout the casino to limit person-to-person contact.
  • We are limiting the number of people allowed in food and drink outlets and minimizing staff as appropriate.
  • Floor signage and tape measuring six feet will be provided in all hotel areas, throughout high traffic areas on the gaming floor, and food and drink outlets.
  • Drawing check-ins are available through the North Star app, available on any smart phone, to limit touching on-floor kiosks.
  • Slot machines continue to be spaced out to practice social distancing suggestions.


We are making general encouragements and requirements to protect your health

  • We require all guests and employees to participate in a non-invasive health screen before entering the building
  • All guests and employees are required to wear a mask while enjoying time here at North Star.
  • We are discouraging customers from bringing pets (except service animals) to our facility.
  • We encourage all patrons and team members to use noncontact methods of greeting each other.
  • We encourage all guests, visitors, and employees to practice good hygiene and wash your hands before and after exiting the property.
  • We are encouraging those who do not feel well to please stay at home for the health of others.


We are promoting a healthy building and work environment for all

  • We will operate non-smoking during opening period until further notice.
  • We look to continually maintain optimal indoor air temperatures as we understand that variations (plus or minus) have a measured effect of staff performance, as well as on the comfort of both staff and guests. Correct ventilation controls also help reduce the amount of air and the length of time in which interior air is shared with and or between others.
  • We will continue to monitor CO2 readings through the building structure and as necessary make real-time adjustments to increase the air exchange rates throughout the front and back of house to maintain optimal air quality to help reduce and or eliminate future indoor pollution sources that would otherwise have a negative effect on personal health, productivity, and comfort.
  • We will continue to monitor and as needed make real-time adjustments to our environmental controls to insure our buildings remain in a slight positive building pressure which helps promote increased indoor air quality, optimal indoor temperature control, interior relative humidity, and building operational efficiencies.
  • We will continue the use and maintenance of touchless entryways, faucets, and toilets. The use of motion sensors to turn on and off lighting in hallways, offices, and non-gaming / non-cashing handling workstations when no activity is present.
  • As much as possible while still maintaining building, fire, and health codes, seek to eliminate as many “touch points” for both the staff and our guests as possible through continued automation, propping open non-security or fire rated doors, motion sensor activated lighting controls, route and or re-route staff and patron movements to help minimize high number of individuals in the same area.
  • All employees and guests must wear a protective face mask while present in the casino resort, wash/disinfect hands and work stations frequently, participate in routine core body temperature checks, and maintain a minimum of six-feet of separation from others at all times.

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Thomas T. won $13,500 Monday, October 4th
NOTICE: North Star Mohican Casino Resort will now require everyone to wear masks. Click here for more details.